3 ways professional packaging can increase sales

Choosing the right packaging style for your product, investing in a professional Graphic Designer, printing on your packaging, and supplying your product in a visually pleasing box, is vital to attracting your target market’s attention.

How professional packaging can increase sales is discussed below:


It Differentiates Brands
Brand owners know that during any shopping experience a distinctive, well designed and functional package adds considerable value in influencing shopper perceptions and purchasing decisions in the retail environment. It enhances brand communication, supports product positioning and helps a product stand out on the shelf.

Consider the focus Apple places on developing packaging that is almost as fun and sleek as the devices it protects. Or Plum Organics’ squeezeable baby food packs that eliminate the need for spoons, making feeding less messy. Think about how Gatorade is using packaging with its new G Series to clearly differentiate which drink is intended for before, during or after an athletic performance. Packaging is the communications vehicle that lets consumers know what is cool, convenient or functional. It tells consumers whether a product is low or high-quality, expensive or inexpensive, meant for you or meant for someone else.

In a retail environment, a brand’s packaging is, in essence, its own point of sale display. The shape, materials, colors and design of the package are important to drawing shoppers in and communicating what the product is all about. (1)

Professional Packaging Influences Buying Behavior
The ways in which packaging influences positive and negative emotions, and subsequently buying behavior, has been the focus of much research. For example, an article from the journal Psychology & Marketing published in October 2013 describes how researchers used an MRI machine to measure brain activity while study participants viewed different types of packaging.

The study discovered that viewing attractive packaging caused more intense brain activity than neutral packaging. Attractive packaging also caused activity in brain areas associated with rewards, while unattractive packaging caused activity in areas of the brain connected with negative emotions. Clearly, product packaging has a real influence on how we feel about products, which directly connects to our choices about what to buy. (2)

Professional Packaging creates Value in the Mind of Consumers
Value is what is perceived by the consumer. When a consumer looks at the value of a product they consider a few things, the quality of the product vs the price. There is a simple formula that can be used to grasp the concept of value;
Value = Quality / Price
High Quality, Low Price = High Value
Low Quality, High Price = Low Value
Good Quality, Good Price = Good Value (3)

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