Custom Printed Bags & Boxes can assist you with your bag or box needs, by supplying fully customised bags and boxes to almost any colour, size or design you require for your business or special event.

Please note: we are not a wholesale supplier. We specialise in custom-making for specialty projects, therefore we do not have wholesale pricing (especially for short runs). If you have a budget we will work with you to supply the best option for your budget.

1. We customise to your exact requirements

We don’t stock standard bags or boxes because we understand that every request is different. We truly customise to your unique bag or box requirements, regarding size, colour, and design.

2. We specialise in custom printing

We can print your logo or design on your custom made bag or box, to your exact print and design specifications.

3. We can offer insert solutions

We can supply insert solutions for your product packaging needs. We work with our clients to find out what they need and can suggest insert solutions. We can supply custom card or foam inserts, with velvet, printed card or silk overlay….just let us know your requirements, and we will find a solution. We can provide you with the perfect solution for your product or promotional insert needs – custom cut to the exact size and depth for your unique product.


4. We offer short runs (low minimums)

We can cater to short runs (low minimums), which is great for start-up businesses who don’t have the storage capacity to stock thousands of bags or boxes, or for conferences, seminars, VIP gifts, promotional giveaways or events where there are only a small number of guests.

5. We offer large runs (no maximum)

We can also cater to larger orders – for example for promotions, trade shows, training events or large businesses’ packaging needs.

6. We are branding, events and marketing professionals – we understand quality

As marketing professionals, we understand that quality, functional and aesthetically pleasing packaging is an integral part of your marketing mix. We will work with you to provide you with the perfect bag or packaging solution for your business, promotional needs or special event.

7. We work with a wide range of industries

We work with small start-up businesses, large corporates, or anyone else, for all their product packaging, packaging for promotional give-aways, and event bag needs. However we do not specialise in food packaging.

8. We do all the work – so you can focus on your business or your event

We will take care of the negotiations with our suppliers, the courier company and/or freight forwarder to get you the best price. Our service even includes delivery to your door.

9. We service Australia & New Zealand

Our customer service team are located in Sydney Australia, but we can supply Australia-wide and to New Zealand. Our bags and boxes are manufactured overseas due the availability of the latest and best manufacturing technology and trained skills of our packaging specialists being available offshore.


Clara Cassidy founded Custom Printed Bags & Boxes after starting a luxury fashion collection and finding it difficult to find a supplier that could offer to manufacture a small quantity of rigid apparel boxes to the exact size, colour and design she required, with her company logo printed on the lid.

Coming from a marketing and branding background, Clara understood that the look and quality of product packaging is as important as the quality of the product itself – therefore flat pack boxes with a sticker of the logo on the lid (which was the only option at that time) was not the option Clara wanted for the luxury collection. Not only that, as a start-up, she did not have the funds nor the storage space to buy or store thousands of boxes, but found it impossible to find anyone that could cater to short runs either.
After several months of searching, she found an overseas luxury packaging and bag manufacturer that could cater to every requirement, and could offer short runs! Clara decided to create Custom Printed Bags & Boxes, so others didn’t go through the same frustrating nightmare.

Now working with 4 manufacturers who specialise in different areas, Clara and the team at Custom Printed Bags & Boxes can cater to almost any bag or packaging requirement and can cater for short run orders; (sometimes as low as 250 minimum for bags or boxes!) so you (or your packaging / graphic designer) can use your imagination when designing your packaging for your business product packaging needs or when designing your unique branded goodie bag or VIP presentation gift box for your next event or corporate giveaway.

We look forward to hearing from you!