Bespoke inserts for product packaging or gift boxes

Card and foam inserts are a great way to present your product or gift professionally in a box.

The pictures of inserts in the gallery above are bespoke, sometimes printed inserts commissioned by our clients, who required foam or card inserts to house and present their unique product or gift.

If you are thinking of creating packaging for your product, you might also need to think about inserts for protection or for presentation purposes, including foam or card inserts.

Foam inserts can be covered with silk or velvet overlay for a luxury look:

Foam inserts can also be commissioned with coloured or printed card inserts ontop of the foam:
Foam inserts can also be commissioned for intricate cut out requirements. For these complicated cut outs, you will need to involve a Packaging Designer to supply us with the die line. We work with a Packaging Designer based in Sydney who can assist you:
We look forward to working with you on your packaging insert needs!