Christmas Packaging ideas

Christmas is around the corner again! With only a few weeks to go until the big day, the stores are jam packed with beautiful Christmas packaging and displays.

Christmas packaging can boost your sales during this festive season, so think about how you can design your packaging for next year’s festive season.

Here are a few points to consider when designing your Christmas packaging:

1. Don’t shy away from using foil print – especially gold or silver foil. Check out the beautiful foiling used in the above pictures. Shiny foil is beautiful and luxurious, and looks amazing.

2. Create Christmas themed packaging for your products, so that people can make a quick purchase decision when scanning the retail shelves for Christmas packaging. As much as we think we are going to be organised in our Christmas shopping, there will always be the last minute buys! who hasn’t been invited last minute to Christmas drinks or nibbles at a friend or acquaintances house. Of course you cant turn up empty handed – so you rush to the shops to buy a beautifully packaged Christmas themed gift, that will delight the recipient!

3. Think about small ‘sampler packs’ of your products. For example if you normally sell 500ml sized skin creams, what about putting together a beautifully packaged sampler pack of your 4 top selling creams in 15ml tubes – that way people can purchase a gorgeous little trial pack for their friends and family members, who might then become a convert and purchase your larger creams throughout the year!

4. If you already have your retail outlets or distributors full of standard packaging that you cant swap out for Christmas packaging, why don’t you ask the retailer if you can collaborate on Christmas retail bags? So when someone in their shop purchases one of your products, they can put it in a Christmas themed bag that you have supplied instead of just their regular bag. They will most likely want their store logo on the bag, so work with them to come up with a bag with both your and their logo on it, surrounded by a beautiful Christmas theme.

We hope these points have inspired you for next year’s Christmas packaging design ideas. Have you seen any fabulous unique Christmas packaging designs that you can share in the comments section below?