unique branded box

Delighting your customers with corporate branded mailer boxes

Whether you’re a well established corporate business or a start up business owner (or anywhere in between), it’s vital that your customers are delighted at each point of contact with you. From phone and email contact or personal contact, you should always strive to be the best and most professional possible. This includes all touch points that may have been overlooked in the past – such as sending your product or promotional material in branded mailer boxes to your client.

Particularly for online stores, a mailer box can be the first physical contact the client has with your brand, so you want it to make an impact. You want your client to be impressed and excited about the quality product purchase choice they made. Sending a branded, high quality, appropriately sized mailer box to your client (ie the box isn’t too large for the product inside), will show the care you put into your quality products.

Recently we have seen a huge surge in corporates and business owners alike requiring branded mailer boxes to ship their products in to their customers, now that companies are realising the power of packaging, and in particular the power of a beautiful, quality, branded mailer box to increase the positive customer experience.

Corporate branded mailer boxes are a great way to delight your client. Remember to brand the box in accordance to your brand guidelines and your brand image. You can work with your Graphic Designer to achieve the best possible outcome for your mailer box design.

You can even combine the practical protective elements within the box. For example, custom cut foam inserts, stuck to the top and bottom of the box, are a great idea to not only protect the product inside, but to present it professionally, so when the mailer box arrives to your client and when the client opens it, the product is still attractively centrally placed inside – which shows the care you put into your brand, and the respect you show your client for the protection of their product.

Image above: example of a branded mailer box that we supplied to a client, who also required custom cut foam inserts, to protect the product inside, and hold in place to ensure the product is presented beautifully once in the hands of the client.