Easter Packaging Design Ideas

Beautiful, attractive and unique Easter packaging design can make your product stand out on the retail shelves, which can translate to more sales during the Easter gift buying season.

Beautiful packaging can also delight the receiver of your product if packaged in beautiful, Easter themed packaging.

Think about how you can make your Easter Packaging stand out from the crowd. This Easter, go into the retailers where you stock (or wish to stock) your product. Check out the current Easter Packaging and see if you can produce a unique package design next year that will stand out from the rest. For example, I notice that most Easter packaging is blues, pinks, greens and purples. Think about what colours could contrast against these colours to make yours stand out (but still keep to the Easter theme). Maybe orange packaging in the shape of a carrot would stand out. Maybe white packaging with embossed silver foil would stand out more…Of course working with your Graphic Designer and Marketing team you will be able to ensure your Easter Packaging is keeping with your overall brand image. You don’t want to confuse your current customers or ruin your brand image!

If your product is declining in sales, packaging your product in Easter themed packaging could increase sales during the Easter buying season, and also introduce new customers to your brand and product range. If a receiver of your product loves it, they may seek your brand out, to purchase in the future once they have finished their Easter treat.

There is a move towards non-traditional Easter treat buying. So you don’t have to be a chocolatier or other sweet supplier to take advantage of the Easter sales. Nowadays lots of non-traditional products are being purchased during the Easter season, as buyers are more health conscious, or want to purchase something useful or unique during this gift giving season for their loved ones.

Check out our gallery above and our Easter Themed Packaging Pinterest page here for more ideas!