Easter Packaging Design Ideas

We love seeing the exciting new Easter Packaging designs entering the market year on year. Below we have captured a few of our favourites.

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Creating seasonal packaging for your product is a great way to increase sales during the various festive seasons throughout the year.

People love to purchase products boxed in seasonal packaging for their friends, family, clients or colleagues and to get into the spirit of the season such as Christmas, Valentines Day & Easter.

We have spotted some great Easter themed packaging ideas on the retail shelves and online. You don’t have to be a chocolatier to take advantage of the Easter season!

Nowadays, many people are looking for Easter gifts that are an alternative to the traditional chocolate gift, for many reasons….there is a market for your non-chocolate product during the Easter gift giving season.

Think about what you could do with your product or packaging to make it desirable to purchase over the Easter season.

Do you have a children’s clothing store where you could package clothing in, in a unique Easter design themed box or even an Easter egg shaped box for sales in store or online?
Do you have a soap business where you could sell soaps in Easter themed packaging¬† or shapes at a market stall in the weeks coming up to Easter?….

Use your imagination and think if there is any way that your product or service could incorporate the Easter message or get into the Easter spirit with it’s packaging or even with a slight change to the product itself.

The newly designed packaging could pique curiosity of your brand if you (or your customers) share pictures of your Easter themed packaging on social media – especially if you have fun and unique packaging!

You can always continue to stock your retailer’s shelves with your regular branded packaging, but having packaging related to the season is a great idea to boost sales too.

If you have a service business, you could also take advantage of the season to boost sales. You could take the opportunity to thank clients for their custom or try to attract new clients by sending them a corporate gift from your company in a cute, colourful, egg shaped rigid box (if that would suit your brand), or you could send a sleek invitation style box with ‘Easter Greetings’ or a message, embossed or foiled on the lid.

Whatever your brand image, you can find a way to ensure your Easter packaging for your product or service fits in with your overall marketing strategy and brand image, to attract the attention of your target market and increase sales over the Easter season.

*Please note, we do not specialise in supplying food packaging (but doesn’t stop us from admiring it!)

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your bespoke bag or box needs!