Event Design Colour Palette – how to choose the correct colour scheme for your event

We enjoyed this article on ‘rules for event design colour palette’ by event professional James Morgan. To read the whole article just click on the picture below.

Morgan concludes ”Creating a color palette may seem easy when looking at the rules. However, creating a palette that lends itself to the venue and creates that wow factor through the different hues, tints and tones you use for the drapes, furnishings, props and other decorative elements needs careful consideration.

Always think about the emotional triggers that are related to the palette you are designing. Using a mood board to try out the palette is always a good idea.

White blank canvas or black blank canvas venues are easier to work with but if you don’t have this kind of venue for your event, then make sure that the color palette of the venue is incorporated into your décor palette so that overbearing color contrasts are not going to look like the Pick and Mix counter at the sweet store.’

This article below explains the psychology around each colour in depth.

Event Professional Mariam Wexler explains ‘many event planners have begun to use specific colors to not only create a theme or honor a corporate color wheel, but also affect how guests feel throughout the event. Common color preferences and interpretations have long been analyzed, and the psychology of color have led to the following effects of colors on people and their moods.’

Click on the photo below to be taken to the article

Event Professional Ellen Sturm Nizexplains how each element combines to create a feeling or a specific mood at an event.

‘More than just decor, the color of the lights, flowers, furniture, linens, and even food at an event have a psychological effect.’

“Colors and color combinations create moods and feelings, consciously and unconsciously,”

Check out the blog below (by clicking on the picture) to find out the elements that you can choose to incorporate colour into your event to not only honour your company’s brand colour scheme, but set a mood by the colours you use in the items you hire or purchase for the event.

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