Handover boxes for the Real Estate / Building industry

Custom Printed Bags & Boxes specialises in supplying handover boxes for the Building and Real Estate industries.

We can manufacture handover gift boxes to your unique size, style, printing and foam insert requirements.

Foiling, embossing, debossing, spot uv or full colour printing can make your handover boxes unique and memorable to the person you are gifting the handover box to.

We can cater to almost any print design requirement!

See some examples in the gallery below of various print treatments we have supplied:

We can supply custom cut foam inserts to your exact cut out size and display requirements.

If you have some clients that are only going to receive 1 garage remote, and other clients are going to receive 2 garage remotes for example, we can supply you with custom cut foam inserts, but with the foam cut outs left inside. You only take out the foam inserts that will be replaced with products. So when your client opens the box, the holes are filled in with foam where the client isn’t expecting a product. This will save any confusion from your clients perspective.

See an example we supplied below. In the first photo, the holes have been cut out, but the foam has been put back into place to cover up the holes. The second photo shows when you take all the foam out.

Custom Printed Bags & Boxes can assist with your unique, custom printed handover box, gift box or promotional box needs.

Just let us know what you require and we will custom make to your box style, print design and foam insert needs.

We look forward to working with you!