How to create an exciting marketing campaign promotional gift box

Designing a promotional gift box for a marketing campaign can be really fun! Working through the process of design, testing, prototyping and sampling can be simplified by following some simple steps. Before you commence designing the artwork, work out the following details so when you engage a packaging supplier the quoting and design process is as seamless as possible:

1) What products are going in the box? How will they be displayed?

2) Once you have laid the products out on the table that you will be including in the box, measure the items both individually and measure around all the items together with some space on either side (that way you will be able to find out the measurement of the inner box)

3) What branding will be on the box? will it be a simple 1 colour box with logo printed? or will it be a full colour box with embossing and gold foiling printing both inside and outside?

3) How will you present the products? Will you require a custom cut foam insert for each of the products? will you require a velvet overlay, over the foam? or a card insert with printing? if the products are an usual shape (eg bottles with curves or keys) you may require a Packaging Designer to create the CAD drawing for the foam insert dieline. If the shapes are simple squares or circles, often the packaging manufacturer can supply you with the dieline template for you, without having to engage a Packaging Designer.

4) What quantity do you require? This is important for the box manufacturer to know (as the larger the quantity, the lower the price per unit) and to give you a formal quote and let you know the turn around time for the job.

5) What date do you require the boxes to be delivered by? Sometimes it can take up to 3 months for your Graphic Designer to create and perfect the artwork design, the Packaging Designer to create the foam insert dieline, the manufacture and delivery of the prototype from the packaging supplier for you to test the box and the products in, time for making changes to the foam insert, box design or graphic design, for internal company approval through your marketing and finance team, and you would then require a few weeks (or months!) for box production and time for delivery. Box production and delivery could be anywhere from 4 – 11 weeks. Depending if it’s air or sea shipment.

We hope you enjoy the picture galleries below of some stunning bespoke gift boxes we have supplied our clients.

This stunning pink branded rigid magnetic close box opens up to a vibrant blue inner box with insert. Following the instructions on the lid and insert, the client lifts out one of the inserts to reveal a gift. Once the gift is lifted out, they are prompted to take out the second insert layer, where another gift is presented. Finally, the bottom gift is lifted out and a beautiful message is printed on the bottom of the box.

This unique, modern rigid box’s sleeves slide open to reveal a box with a flap lid and drawer. The fully printed flap lid opens to reveal the gifts beautifully presented in a custom cut foam insert. A drawer opens to reveal more gifts inside.

This sleek rigid box with magnetic close includes an inner lid and base box with embossed logo on the lid, in a custom cut foam insert. The insert holds a USB and a cut out to display a card. The foam is cut in the insert for the card, but if the recipient of this box doesn’t require a card, the foam isn’t taken out of the cut out, to avoid any confusion.

This bespoke branded rigid presentation gift box with magnetic close, opens to reveal vibrant, branded flat pack boxes with documents inside.

This elegant branded rigid drawer style gift box with ribbon bow and matching ribbon loop pull is a beautifully presented gift box. The client unravels the box by taking off the ribbon and sliding the inner box out of the sleeve. Inside are beautifully presented products in a custom cut foam insert.

This simple and elegant magnetic close presentation gift box is covered with uncoated paper stock and has an embossed logo printed on the lid. The foam inserts comprise of different cut outs for each box to hold a unique product.

This product launch marketing campaign box includes a sleeve with custom cut out text. The plain outer sleeve covers a full coloured rigid box that can be seen through the cut outs, to entice the recipient to reveal what’s underneath. The magnet clasp is opened to reveal products in a custom cut foam insert that is removable if required.

To save on postage fees, this large box was supplied as a rigid collapsible box which is easily popped up into a rigid box shape. Once made up, the client wouldn’t know the box is collapsible.

We also supplied a prototype (the white box in the gallery) for the client to test the size and sturdiness of the box before committing to the printed sample.

This bright, vibrant flat pack gift box with full colour print inside and outside, is a unique design. The recipient lifts off the lid and the walls fall flat on the table to reveal the beautiful products in the center of the box and the marketing campaign messages on the inner walls of the box

This stunning Halloween themed rigid box was created for a product launch marketing campaign. The full colour printed box, custom cut in the shape of a skull, arrived flat pack to the client who just popped the box up into place. The lucky gift recipients lift off the lid to reveal the gorgeous products inside.

Themeing packaging and gift boxes to the season, or even the shape of your product, is a great way to differentiate yourself and create a fun and memorable experience for your gift recipient.

Custom Printed Bags & Boxes can work with you to supply you with the perfect solution for your VIP gift box, promotional boxes, packaging supplies, event bags or retail bags for your special bespoke bag and box marketing campaign needs.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your next project requirements!

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