How To Create Packaging For A Successful Product Launch Campaign

Packaging influences the way people interact with a product. In a split-second they can decide to pick it up or ignore it based on how it looks. If it catches their eye, they might take a closer look and consider purchasing it.
It goes without saying that you need good packaging for your product launch. After all, you’re introducing something completely new to the market. You want people to get interested… to sway them into buying your new product. Ultimately, you want your campaign to succeed.
If you want to create a standout product packaging which you and your customers will love, here are a few things you should take into consideration.

1. Design and shape

Choosing the design of your package will take up most of your time. You’ll be deciding on the use of materials, colours, and the shape of the package. It must be custom sized and durable enough to fit the product and hold its weight. Depending on your business and brand image, you could also get creative and opt for unconventional shapes.

You should also consider how people buy your products. For instance, if you’re selling products on social media, they have to look attractive in photos. But if you have products hitting the shelves, you should consider your competition and create packaging that will make your product stand out against them.

2. Hire a packaging designer

A packaging designer will transform your raw ideas (or think of creative ideas if you need help) into professional templates which are ready for printing. They can assist you with professional design work on the box template.

3. Work with a packaging manufacturer

The packaging manufacturer is responsible for turning the template design into functional pieces.

We do recommend working with the designer at least 2 to 3 months before the launch date. That way, you’ll have time to get some sample packages manufactured for testing. If you don’t feel satisfied with the way your designs turned out, you can still have them modified by the packaging designer and another sample created by your packaging supplier, until your packaging is perfect.

When creating packaging for your product, you must always keep your target market in mind. Appeal to them in every which way you can, from your choice of materials to the overall design. They’ll not only be attracted to the packaging which could turn into sales, but they will likely enjoy the buying experience more.