Luxury Packaging Designs

Luxury packaging is an expected component of the luxury product experience for consumers. Luxury brands understand the importance of premium bespoke packaging to their brand image.

‘Product companies are investing in both the aesthetic and functional aspects of their packaging as a way to convey the premium luxury experience. In fact, when it comes to what’s important for overall satisfaction with a product, consumers rank packaging almost equal to the brand, according to MWV’s Packaging Matters study.’ [1]

Westrock’s study produced the below results. [2] Of note, in particular is 35% of consumers surveyed they have switched brands because of the new packaging.

‘Having the right design for your product’s packaging is crucial since it encourages consumers to buy what you have to offer them. Sometimes, having the right design might mean the difference between having the edge over your competitors and being left behind in the industry. That is exactly the reason why investing in a packaging design is worth the cost.'[3]

‘For the majority of consumer products available in the market, package design has, time and again, become a marketing tool that proves to be sales-effective and cost-efficient.'[3]

Premium packaging is an essential component of marketing your premium product or service. Custom Printed Bags & Boxes specialises in supplying innovative, bespoke premium packaging. We work with some of the world’s established and up-and-coming luxury brands to provide innovative, high end, modern packaging designs. Contact us to discuss your premium bespoke bag or box needs.

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