PA / EA guide to sourcing the perfect VIP gift box

Having just exhibited at the Office & PA Show in Auckland New Zealand, where we met with dozens of Office Managers, PAs and EAs who were keen to understand the process of designing and purchasing the perfect VIP gift box for their company. We have put together a quick guide on what you need to consider:

Primary function:
Firstly you need to consider what the box will be used for before you start designing the box. For example, are you gifting your VIPs a bottle of champagne? or are you gifting a delicate vase? Or just a beautiful box of chocolates?

Once you know what the box will be used for, you can figure out the size of box you require and if you require card or foam inserts, silk or velvet overlay…let us know your perfect gift box needs and we can custom make it for you!

Style of box:
What style of box would suit your VIPs? Would a silk satin ribbon bow delight them and make them feel special? or would a sturdy magnetic close or rigid lid and box delight them more? Think about your VIP’s experience of seeing and opening the gift box. Imagine what they would be attracted to more.
Branding / printing:
The branding / printing on the box should fit in with your company’s brand image. We can supply full colour printed boxes or a subtle or luxurious embossed or foiled printing. The options are almost limitless! Talk to us about your bespoke printing ideas.
Other information that we would require as your packaging supplier is:
– date needed by (for example, for Christmas gifting to your VIPs you would probably need the boxes delivered early December so you can pack and send / gift to your VIPs by mid December)

– quantity required – pricing depends on the quantity. The higher the quantity, the lower the price per unit. But sometimes you only need a small quantity of VIP gift boxes for your special occasion. We can still assist with short run orders. But you could also consider keeping some and gifting boxes throughout the year if you need to keep each unit within a budget

– delivery postcode(s). Do you require the boxes / bags to be sent to head office or to your offices around the country? we can make the process easier by delivering the quantities you require to different addresses.

We look forward to hearing from you and working on your VIP gift boxes for your seasonal gifting requirements or special projects.

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