Packaging Design tutorials by the leading experts

We have collated some of the best packaging design tutorial videos from the leading experts. If you are just starting out as a Graphic Designer you would benefit from understanding the importance of Packaging Design, and how to accomplish great designs for your clients!

Packaging design is a very important factor in the saleablility of a product. Packaging design is a mini-billboard for a brand, which needs to capture the target market’s attention, communicate the product’s benefits and portray the company’s brand image, all in a matter of seconds.

About This Class: Package Design I
You’ll put your new knowledge of package design history, goals, technique, and merchandising to work by re-creating a die for a real cereal box of your choosing.

Master the art of tangible design with packaging expert Trina Bentley’s 55-minute first class on the basics.

Perfect for intermediate graphic designers interested in products, it’s a crash course in the discipline’s history, target audiences, unique attributes, and fundamental goals—communicating and grabbing attention—while taking into practical account the confined space of a box, bag, or label.

About This Class: Package Design II
Strategically and creatively design a fictional cereal box using Adobe Illustrator.

Chronicle each step (research, planning, execution, refinement) to create something perfect for portfolios, colleagues, and sharing with the class.

Master the art of tangible design with this 45-minute class on technical know-how.

Perfect for designers looking to build on the conceptual foundation in her first class, follow videos lessons and checklists to plan, sketch, execute in Illustrator, and add final touches to your own project.

Specific, expert advice on clearly communicating, grabbing attention, ensuring cohesion, and planning for product expansion makes this class an invaluable guide for designers at every level.
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We work with everyone from large corporates to start-ups to produce their unique packaging design for product packaging, promotions or gift boxes.

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Another great Packaging Designer is Evelio Mattos. Check out his tutorials below

About This Class: Packaging Design: Sketching Concepts that Surprise and Delight
This is a hands-on, one-hour class that gets to the heart of crafting packaging for real-world products!Creators, makers, and designers of all levels will love learning how to sketch an “unveiling experience” — unlocking the skills to get ideas down on paper and convey form, function, and features in a retail space.
Key lessons cover sketching, concept development, communicating 3-point perspective, and client presentation — all peppered with valuable insights into the print and packaging industries.

All you need to get started is a pencil or pen! By the end, you’ll have an inside look at the creative process of an industry pro, and a tangible series of sketches to start bringing your packaging concept to life.