The value of professional bespoke packaging for your brand

Creating the right packaging for your product is vital to attracting your target market’s attention.


Nowadays not every purchase is made at a retail store where products are lined up against each other on a shelf, vying for your target market’s attention against your competition. However even if you are selling your product online, if you want to wow your customers with your product, you must consider the correct packaging style and design that will align with your brand image and attract your target market.

You need to consider the correct packaging design that will house and present your product beautifully, the graphics need to be professionally done, and the quality of the packaging stock must be in line with your brand image.

‘The consumer sees and feels the packaging of the product they are interested in. When a customer is presented with a choice to select from the products displayed on the shelf, whether they realize it or not, packaging makes a difference in their subconscious mind in determining what gets noticed and eventually purchased. In essence the package becomes an extension of the product itself.’ (1)

‘One-third of consumer decision-making is based on packaging. “Emotions are often also connected to brand icons as memories and feelings can be brought up on sight, leading to long-term relationships between the brand and the consumer,” Color also heavily influences purchasing decisions, as does typography. Moreover, design is capable of not only inspiring a purchase from the targeted consumer but also creating a ripple effect: A friend snapping a photo of attractive packaging and sharing it on Facebook has great potential for being quickly shared by others, therefore attracting new customers.’ (2)

‘Most customers don’t have the time or energy to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the products in their shopping carts, so they use a shortcut to make their decision. That shortcut is your product’s packaging. Packaging is powerful because it tells consumers why your product and brand are different. Packaging can continue to influence a company’s sales as it grows larger too.
Poor packaging can have an even more dramatic effect. Australia recently instituted a plain packaging law for cigarettes. The government’s removal of packaging branding rights aimed to discourage young people from smoking. Not only can Marlboro not use its logo, but it also can’t use its typeface. The packages, covered with health warnings and graphic images that deter smoking, resulted in the biggest smoking decline Australia has seen in 20 years.’ (3)

Packaging is very important and can lead to the increase or decrease of sales. You need to package your product in line with your brand image. Beautiful, quality packaging is a delight for your customers. There are so many possibilities now with packaging technology, textured paper stocks and print options, that you can use your imagination to make your packaging stand out from the crowd, wow your target market and attract them to your product.

Packaging is part of the buying experience. Investing in a good Packaging Designer / Graphic Designer and high quality packaging is important for your brand and sales. Contact us at  Custom Printed Bags & Boxes to discuss your tailored packaging needs. We are specialists in supplying premium quality, innovative packaging to small and large brands.