Luxury gift boxes – the ‘how to’ guide to impressing your VIPs!

Corporate gifting to VIP clients or even employees as a thank you gift from the company, is on the rise. Leading up to Christmas, companies are turning to corporate gifting as a professional, memorable and delightful way to show appreciation towards clients, suppliers and even employees.

If you are the one tasked with designing and / or sourcing bespoke corporate gift boxes, here are a few tips to make the process more seamless:

What is the purpose of the gift box?
Will you be gifting your client a bottle of champagne with glass flutes? or will you be gifting your employees a beautiful gold Christmas decoration?

If you know what the gift is that you are boxing up, you will be able to figure out the size of the box required. A packaging supplier will need to know the length x width x depth of the box. Even better if you can also provide the content’s size (eg a bottle of wine or the size of the Christmas decoration) so the packaging supplier can double check the measurements you have supplied them is correct.

Do you require special protection for the gift or require a card or foam insert to display the gift professionally?
For fragile gifts like Champagne bottles or candles, a custom cut foam insert would be the best option.

If you want to display the gift or gifts and want them secured in the box to display them professionally, either foam or card insert could work.

If you’d like to brand the insert, you can have a foam insert with card overlay which can have a design / text printed on.

What printing do you require / what is your messaging?
With the seemingly endless number of printing options available, you can print your logo or festive design in foiling, embossing, spot uv, full colour print,,,,or just a simple branded box with or without a Christmas message.

What date do you need the boxes by? 
A good 4 – 6 week lead time will allow the packaging supplier to discuss various options they think would suit best for your particular products you are gifting, and even have time to send out a prototype to test the products in, or a fully printed sample to ensure you are 100% sure of your messaging and design before the bulk order is placed into production!

Check out our Corporate Gift Boxes Pinterest page for more luxury packaging ideas.

We look forward to assisting you with any tailor made bags or boxes for the festive seasons! (Australia) (New Zealand)